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We have the newly released (June 2017) Six Generational Genealogical Listing Beginning with Claude Thomas Metoyer & Marie Therese Coin-Coin. Within this book you will find many surnames and their various spellings that link to the Natchitoches, Louisiana area and surrounding areas. Surnames such as, Dupree, Williams, Roque, Clifton, Chevelier, Simons, and many more. We also have other books available for purchase. Please contact via messenger the NSU Creole Heritage Center. (318) 357-6685

We apologize, but at this time we do not accept Credit Card Payments. We only accept Check and Money Order. In order to receive your order you must mail in the check or money order to us first and fill out the online form.

Visit the Creole Center during office hours to see what items we have in stock (Chronicles, T-shirts, Hats, etc)!