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     The establishment of the Louisiana Creole Heritage Center was part of a five-year plan initiated by the St. Augustine Historical Society, a Natchitoches Parish based group. The society was formed over 25 years ago to promote and preserve the Creole Culture. Although its' initial focus was the community of Cane River, it has broadened its range to include the entire state of Louisiana, as well as Creole Colonies located nationally.

     This Center is a reality through the efforts of the society's current president, Mr. James Billeaudeau, along with the assistance of a number of its members and various NSU personnel. The approval of the university's governing boards was sought and obtained in the fall of 1997. Grant money that was received from the Governor's Office of Urban Affairs and Development allowed for the support of a start-up staff whose initial mission was to assist in the achievement of permanent funding for the Center.

Since its opening October, 1998, the office has grown to one (1) full time employee, two (2) part-time employees, two (2) student workers, and many around the community who volunteer for certain events year-round.