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The Genealogy Department of the NSU Creole Heritage Center welcomes you and your family's history to our world. We are in the midst of creating a national database of Creole family histories that will serve as a central clearinghouse for researchers. Our efforts include gathering data from every Creole colony within the state as well as to their links nationwide.

The Center and its Resource Unit is also involved in cataloging as much of the documentation regarding Creole family histories as we can locate. Your help is needed to accomplish this! We are asking that you submit copies of family papers and photos that would add to the catalog and help preserve your family's legacy. Our current collections contain documents such as baptismal and marriage records, funeral cards and programs, photographs, military records, letters, census records, succession papers, etc. If you are interested in donating copies of any such documents, please contact either the Center via email, telephone at 318/357-6685 or mail to CREOLE CENTER, NSU Box 5675, Natchitoches, LA 71497.

SEARCH Ancestral Creole Family Histories

The searchable database online reflects the information we presently have on individuals born BEFORE 1921. You will have the option to search on all fields shown. You will also have the option of updating any of the information returned as a part of your search. Just hit the UPDATE button for the individual and enter the information you want to either add, correct, or change. This information is then submitted to our Genealogy Department who will be responsible for updating the database.

NOTE:  All materials located in this database are the property of the Creole Heritage Center and may not be duplicated or used for any purpose without written permission of the Creole Heritage Center.

The Family History database will be uploaded on a quarterly basis and will reflect submitted updates and additions. PLEASE NOTE: Submitted data must contain at least one reference date before 1921 (birth, death or marriage) in order to be shown online.

VIEW Collection Folders Example listing
A current report from the Center's cataloging program of associated Metoyer records gives an example of many of resource documents available.  This is a listing of some of the documentation received from various individuals that is located in our Collection Files.  We currently have over 1,200 Collection files representing over 30,000 pages of information.  This information is currently available for research at the Center only.  Plans for FREE online access are in the works as soon as funding becomes available. 

Happy Searching!

ADD TO National Creole Family History Database
This option allows the user to ADD their family history to the National Creole Family Database. You may make as many submissions as necessary. You can also use this option to correct and change any data previously submitted. Along with adding the individual's information, you also have the option of adding info on the parents, spouse and children through a series of screens.