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Terrel Delphin* Creole College Tuition Initiative


NOTE:  This initiative is closed until funds can be raised to support continuation of this program. 

It is with great pleasure that the Creole Heritage Center presents to you the Terrel Delphin Creole College Tuition Initiative.  This initiative will be available to current 2010 members of the Creole Heritage Foundation.  The Creole Heritage Center is expanding support of our college bound students by providing new and existing students’ tuition assistance.   This initiative is supported through a portion of all Creole Heritage Foundation membership dues plus any funds received through Creole Endowment Gifts.

The Creole Tuition Initiative will be presented to 5 recipients.  A $1,000 stipend will be awarded to the designated recipients.  The recipient can use the stipend for any school related or living expenses and will be given directly to the student.  Each applicant must complete an application, essay and list all involvement in extracurricular activities and organizations. 

The possible continuation and the 2011 Creole Tuition Initiative Packet forms will be posted in February, 2011.  In the meantime, links shown below should be used as a reference only.

Please contact our office with any questions or to request additional information at 318.357.6685.  Good luck in your application process.

Tuitition Initiative Guidelines

Application Form

School & Community Activities

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