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Welcome to the NSU Creole Heritage Center!

Our mission is to to promote, foster and engage in activities and endeavors that relate to Louisiana Creoles and their culture. It serves as an office of support to Louisiana and national Creole communities and organizations, offering advice and assistance in matters that affect Creoles. The Center also serves as a central clearinghouse/information bank for these communities and for those seeking knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Louisiana Creoles and their culture.

Our efforts toward meeting this mission has involved outreach to the national Creole public as well as academics and researchers.  This has resulted in a wealth of information about the Creole culture previously unavailable.  It is our goal to have this website provide as much of this information as possible.  This will be an ongoing endeavor and will continue to be a living and growing Creole resource.

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French Colonial Records - Natchitoches Parish

SEARCH- Creole Family History Database